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I absolutely hate to see this picture on my dashboard.

-Belle is crying because she just gave up her whole life to save her father. She now has to spend the rest of her days as a prisoner isolated with only talking teapots and a monster as company. She did one of the bravest possible things she could have done. He’s hardly a prince, but she changes his heart and sees past his exterior.

-Ariel is crying because she wants to be on the surface, she feels trapped, and her father just yelled at her in rage about her interests. He destroyed all her ‘treasures’ and now she is left feeling more alone and trapped than before. She didn’t ‘wait’ for her Prince. She sought out Ursula and gave up what was dearest to her just to meet him. She left everything behind for what she wanted, loved, and dreamed of.

-Jasmine is crying because in three days she has to married, and she doesn’t love a single man who came for her hand in marriage. She ran away from her comfortable sheltered life in the palace to live on the street, and falls for a homeless man. How is that waiting for a prince?

- I don’t actually remember Aurora crying, but through the course of the movie she learns that her whole life (with the three faries) is a lie, she’s not actually Briar Rose as she thinks, that she’s betrothed, and then theres the whole deal with the witch wanting to kill her. I think thats reason enough to cry. Finally, she didn’t even wait for her Prince. She was essentially  in a coma.

-Cinderella was basically a slave, her family kept her locked in the attic, they were cruel to her, her only friends we mice. Even her name was demeaning, like the cinder girl. Finally she has a beautiful dress to go to a ball, and her step sisters tear that apart too. She’s got nothing. Isn’t that reason enough to cry?

-First of all this is contradictory since Mulan is crying in this picture, and THEN she’s also the ‘fighting’ one. She’s crying because her elderly father is being sent off to war, and will most likely die. She goes in his place, defying everyone and everything from her culture, to save his life. (OH AND SHE DOESN’T MARRY A PRINCE)

I will defend princesses until the end, it may seem silly, but this is silly too. Why is it bad to cry? Why does that make you weak? It doesn’t.

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Mulan is still the best imo.

August 09, 2012
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